In Dullstroom, there’s been an awakening: A new thirst for adventure. A fresh need for adrenalin. The range of outdoor activities available in the area has inspired a crew of dynamic outdoor enthusiasts to create Breathe Adventures – a multi-service adventure company in the Highlands. Offering activities like zip lining, abseiling and rock climbing, Breathe Adventures organises outdoor adventures for individuals, groups, corporate teams and school tours.

Novice or pro, Breathe Adventures will give you advice on what to do, plan your activities and lead you on an exciting outdoor expedition.
Adventure awaits. Let’s go!



Breathe Adventures is a team of explorers who are always excited to help people experience the range of outdoor activities available in Dullstroom. The Breathe team will take you on an adventure in the area, make bookings for you, provide you with information and tell you about up-and-coming events. Activities take place on Dunkeld Country and Equestrian Estate, where wide-open spaces and breath-taking surroundings provide beautiful backdrops for amazing adventures. Whether you explore the world on two wheels or on two legs, we have the perfect adventure for you. Load up your bikes, packs and fishing rods and meet up with us.

Breathe Adventures – because to Breathe is to live.




‘This week has been overwhelming – the feedback that we have received from the girls (as well as from their parents) has been unbelievably positive. I for one did not expect the response we have had and, in many ways, feel quite guilty because I am the one who feels privileged to have been witness to the growth of these young ladies.’

– Staff member at St Teresa’s School (Expedition held in July 2015)


‘The staff are in awe of some of the changes they have already experienced in the girls – simply from things the girls have said to them. They are now convinced that maybe there is something in this Journey.’

– Staff member at St Teresa’s School (Expedition held in July 2015)


‘Garry Townsend and his team from Breathe Adventures is always my first choice for an Adventurous Journey for The President’s Award. The guides are goal-oriented, yet caring and understanding. They allow participants to engage their minds and bodies in the challenge of the journey and encourage them all the way. Participants face their fears, but in such a supportive manner that they feel accomplished and invigorated. They are pushed out of their comfort zones, but always look back on the journey with fond memories.

While the journey is always a physical and mental challenge, there is always the sense that we are in an amazing environment and we often stop along the way to admire and interact with nature. This ensures that we also complete the journey with a deeper understanding of the world around us. As an educator, I have the greatest confidence that my learners and I will be safe under their guidance. With Breathe Adventures I can truly breathe!’

– Rhona Crawford


‘It is clear that this was a journey in every sense of the word – a journey of the self; a journey through suffering and coming out on the other side; a journey through the African bush; a journey with friends and with strangers who became friends. In the words of Marcel Proust – ‘We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us, or spare us from.’

– Parent of a pupil who participated in one of our multi-day school expeditions.


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